10 Most Recent Additions to our Home!

We are talking about home decor here... Last month I was really inspired to accessorise some of our rooms and I got a few new items for our home, some for pure décor purposes, some with practical uses, and some just because they looked cool. Why not? And ok, the amount of emails I got to browse the sale offers in July along with new collections was unbelievable... and tempting. So here we go, my 10 most recent additions:

  1. The tea light holders below are a H&M find and the colours go so well in our guest bedroom (which is an ongoing project at the moment!). I've added battery operated faux candles, as they are safer around babies (still not quite baby-friendly though)tea candle holder
  2. I got this White Chandelier for our washroom from Ebay, but this is also available through other retailers as well (and you see it as one my chandelier crushes here too). Here I am actually holding it as it is not up yet, but I can't wait to see it all done and ready!   chandelier
  3. Every so often we get a new Rug for the lounge, having dogs really shortens the life of our rugs and I like to keep them new and fresh (we do love our little monsters though! (The dogs, that is) I got our newest one pictured below from Joss & Main. Still folded here as it is just waiting to be placed in its new home, the full photo will be shared with the lounge makeover reveal. rug
  4. The lounge has received some extra attention this month - I got new curtains and blinds for it as well to go with the new colour scheme. White blinds with white curtains really brighten the room! These were a bargain from The Range and the blinds from John Lewis. The full version also to be revealed when I share the finished product... almost there!DSC02753
  5. I got my hands on some faux orchid last month, and it got me thinking. How could I make the most of it? And why not an orchid terrarium in a cloche? I did it using a bowl I already had, and I got some supplies at my local craft store (dry foam and moss) and put it together. I also did a couple of other arrangements (coming soon on instagram)orchid
  6. This next one is another H&M find, a glass candle holder (minus the candle here!)  DSC02769
  7. As I was re-styling my bookcase I needed clever and stylish storage to organise certain items! I got a set of 3 baskets from The Range, and not only they are super useful to store CDs, our treasured collection of printed tiles, and bits from our travels, they also add texture to the bookcase! The smallest one of the three is pictured below. DSC02772
  8. The next photo is actually of two additions: the faux flowers from Hobby Craft are cool and modern, just the right amount of texture and colour.
  9. And the vase was an impulse buy from H&M sale and it has grown on me, really goes well with the flowers. Great duo!   vase flowers
  10. The final addition was also an impulse buy, while having a creative moment. I got this '&' shape and spray painted it copper, and it will make a great holder for little bits on my desk, or I can use it standing to style the bookshelf in the guest bedroom. Versatile and unique! &

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