4 ways to bring the cool factor into your garden

Think of your garden as an extra room in the house - one you can hang out in the summer and spend some quality time with family & friends. Now is the time to go one step ahead with these spaces! Your outdoor space can be as small as a tiny city balcony, it still deserves to be cool and practical. We like to think outside the box though, so here are some cool and affordable suggestions to make the most of your outdoor space.

Cushions, cushions, cushions! 

Have you got any outdoor cushions? They're a must when you want to not just decorate your outdoor space, but also make yourself, your family and guests more comfy and really enjoy themselves! Don't have just one or two. The more the merrier!

Homebase and Ikea sell affordable and stylish ones.


Outdoor Cushion by Homebase

TIP: If you want to go one step further, get some sun lounger cushions and sew two, three or even four of them together to create a garden bed! Great for children to roll on or just to cuddle up with the hubby! For space saving when storing them, you can sew velcro straps instead and achieve the same result.

Get sun lounger cushions and sew them together to create a day bed in the garden.

Outdoor rugs

So we really want to feel as if we were on holidays, and outdoor rugs are a must on any outdoor space! Very useful for a picnic or even as a base for the cushions above. Some great affordable options are available like this one below (click picture for link). A colourful rug will bring a pop of colour to any outdoor space, and feel free to layer them for a laid-back style.



Think multi-purpose. Need a quick side table to place the drinks: tick. Need extra seats, just put a cushion on top of it: tick. Need a table for your guests to have a meal on, just put a few together, on top of the rugs and cushions all around it: tick. Need storage space: tick. It's worth having a few, which you can also paint and make them look just how you want them!

crates garden  balcony



Another super useful addition come those early evenings in the garden, and in the day as well to add some character. I would always recommend flameless candles or solar powered lanterns though for safety. You can get solar powered lids for your mason jars here.

Add character and style to your garden by using lanterns.

You can also check my Garden Inspiration board on Pinterest here.

Hope you enjoy your outdoor space this summer! x

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