A Dreamy Provençal Lunch

As the seasons change and the warmer weather approaches, I was just thinking how nice it will be to have some garden meals again. So I was thinking of the best ever garden kitchen I've eaten in with the best ever views. Nothing less than an extraordinary view of aromatic and scenic gardens in Provence surrounded by Olive trees... Just over 2 years ago I was so lucky to be taken on a trip to Provence where I could enjoy the delicious views, aromas and of course the food! One of the places I visited was Oraison near Manosque, and little did I know the wonders that awaited me.

Let's go straight into the view...

dream view

Breath-taking, right?

After being faced with the most amazing view, I was taken to the garden kitchen, where they actually host cooking lessons, and treated to a delicious mouth-watering meal.

The kitchen was one of the most authentic I have seen. Built in an old glass-walled orangerie, it really was impressive. The sort of  kitchen we would all love to have at the back of a beautiful garden to host amazing meals and the food would taste so good just because it is the most beautiful place you could ever cook in!

garden kitchen

The 1955 Aga stove is the star of the room for all kitchen enthusiasts, and it adds so much character!


garden kitchen 2

The perfect rustic chandelier adds so much charm, as well as the number shaped baking moulds...


The spice jars are placed in such an effortless way, yet the composition looks stunning!

spice jars

After seeing and experiencing all this, there was still the meal to come. Have I said perfect yet? Oh well, perfection!

These photos were taken at l’Oustaou d’Oulivié, where they offer accommodation, cookery lessons and one of the best Mediterranean views in the world!

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