A January mini makeover with a Bold New Rug

Do you also get that feeling that you need to give your home a mini makeover in January as everything feels 'so last year' (sorry I had to!) It's that emptiness that Christmas and all that comes with it leave behind, and you find yourself looking at your rooms and thinking they need a mix-up.

This is what the first weeks of January are about... Getting ready for the New Year and mixing things up. By renewing things you are also getting a new lease of energy and will feel ready to take on the world. 

One of the easiest ways to do that at home is by replacing something that has a lot of visual impact. We can't all afford to buy new furniture (even though the sales are tempting, but hold on, there are more affordable ways...) however new accessories do the trick just as well. 

Which is why when Darlings of Chelsea approached me to review one of their rugs I did not hesitate, talk about perfect timing. 

IMG_2205.JPG IMG_2204.JPG

If you haven't heard about them, here's a little bit of what they do... They are a remarkable furniture company selling sofas, beds, tables and more of very high quality, and they pride themselves on their customer service. Darlings offers British made and bespoke products to make your home look stunning, as well as accessories to complete the look. If you happen to live in Surrey, Birmingham, Fulham or St Albans pop over to have a look, otherwise  browse their range online

Back to my mini makeover, I wanted something bold and they had just the thing for my living room! The Catamaran Stripe rug was it. 

darlings of chelsea catamaran stripe navy blue rug

We really wear our rugs out here... with a toddler and a dog they don't seem to last the everyday abuse they get. From the accidental mucky hands, biscuit crumbles, spilled drinks to the occasional remainings of play doh that stick to your feet even after you've cleaned it a thousand times (play doh is restricted to tiled areas but they manage to escape every now and then!), and finally the every day hoovering that takes place to keep the rooms clean. A rug of poor quality wouldn't survive us. So here's what I thought of this one...

darlings of chelsea catamaran navy blue stripe rug


My first impressions when unpacking my Darlings Catamaran rug was that the quality was great, they are handmade and the finish is really good. I couldn't wait to put it in place and start using it! 

darlings of chelsea catamaran navy blue stripe rug


While it may take more beating than the normal household here (or not if you also share your home with kids and pets!), a week later I am still impressed. 

It is possibly the easiest rug to clean that we have ever had! After an action-packed day, I would hoover the rug to get it back to looking new, and it does the trick. Maintenance 10 out of 10.

It stays in place and keeps its shape beautifully, I didn't use an anti slip layer underneath and I don't see us needing one. 

The stripes bring a fresh look to the room, for something more subtle I would have gone for the platinum shade, as they have many options available there's possibly one for every season! 

So if you need something resistant that looks the part and of great finish, I would definitely take a look at their range! The Catamaran rug range starts at £59. 

Have you been moving things around at home this January? I'd love to see it! Tag me on Instagram so we can all share the January vibes! 

darlings of chelsea catamaran stripe rug navy blue

*I was gifted the rug for review but all opinions are my own! I only recommend products that I have or would have in my own home. 

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