A modern take on Chandeliers: my top 4

We will be talking about #chandeliercrush now... What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think 'Chandelier'? I won't judge if you thought 'old' or 'old fashioned' or 'not cool or contemporary enough'. But you're probably thinking of something similar to this one... house of fraser brass chandelier

While a chandelier like this one would not find its way into my home, it is tastefully done and there are plenty of rooms it would complement perfectly! But I want to talk about modern chandeliers here. Technically speaking, a chandelier is a decorative hanging light with branches for light bulbs (or candles), so it could it could be interpreted in many ways!

The pictures will say it better than words... Have a look at the ones that made my top 4.

1. Here's a total different take on the chandelier as we know it. The chrome ball chandelier is a statement in itself, and will complement any contemporary home beautifully! This one is by Febland and sold by The Chandelier Shack for £234.99.


2. This one was love at first sight! This vintage inspired brass chandelier sold at Amara by Menu has everything in the right place to make a statement. It's an interpretation of 'less is more' in a chandelier! The price tag is a bit on the 'more' side though at £390, but it's so great on the eyes #ijustgottahaveit

amara menu leonard chandelier

3. This next one might gain some points with those that like a hint of the classic look! It is made with white painted wooden beads and I can see it in almost every room styled in a French (but not necessarily French) inspired modern look: dining room, hall, bathroom, kids bedroom, any bedroom actually. Love and can't wait to have a reason to order one. By The French Bedroom Company and costs £120.

thefrench bedroom company chandelier

4. This last one to have made my list is here because it really is so adaptable to any room that you can't go wrong with it. And of course because we already have one of them (a white one waiting to go up in the loo downstairs - instagram shots coming soon!) There are so many colour combinations and sizes that go with the super-pleasing-on-the-eye shape that really - it will fit almost any room. This one is from Etsy for £99, but it can adapt to most budgets as well, just shop around!

cage chandelier


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