A stylish family break in Mallorca

Firstly let me just get the obvious out of the way... I love Mallorca. Who doesn't?! I’ve visited a few times and that is the place where I want to live one day. When it came to choosing a destination to go on our first holiday as a family of four, that’s the first place that came to mind. Plus we couldn't face a long haul flight so two and a half hours away from home it was.

I started looking for hotels with this wish list in mind: great kids facilities for the girls, a splash pool, of course great decor, a gym, near a beach and good food. Oh and within our budget! 

When I came accross Fergus Hotels I knew I found what we needed. It has great Scandinavian-Bohemian style with endless facilities for kids and a good selection for adults too. 

There are Fergus hotels located around the island and also one in Ibiza (on the wish list for sure, although that will have to be a child-free holiday, adults-only hotel demands) I loved the idea and the look of the Fergus Club Europa for our holiday. Although it is a compact hotel, it is really well planned and equipped to keep kids and parents entertained and relaxed throughout. 

It is located in Peguera which was a 30-minute cab drive from the airport. I love this side of the Island, not too far from Palma, with a great local feel to it, access to beautiful beaches and good facilities. If you like doing some local shopping whilst away, it has a great selection of small boutiques in the Boulevard selling trendy woven beach bags that you need in your life, just because you can never have too many.

Nothing better than letting the pictures do the talking though, so here it goes: 

fergus club europa boho chic reception.jpg fergus club europa boho chic reception 3.jpg fergus club europa reception table .jpg fergus club europa boho chic reception 2.jpg fergus club europa boho chic bedroom 3.jpg

There are plenty of lounging areas around the hotel, indoor and outdoor, for whatever mood you are in. We went early June an had a great week weather-wise. I know we won't have the luxury of travelling whenever we want once my eldest daughter starts school next year, but this time we chose the week after half-term and it wasn't too busy but there were still plenty of younger children around for them to play with. 

Talking of kids play time, the fantastic splash pool was a hit amongst the girls (and I admit I loved it too!)

The splash pool was great for the girls and great for us as it was also located right next to a bar with unlimited coffees, drinks (including a different cocktail each day), and also unlimited ice cream. The dream! 


fergus club europa kids pool 2.jpg fergus club europa kids pool.jpg

There were other brilliant facilities for the kids, such as a games room with movies, plenty of games available and also a racing track. For the younger ones there was a kids club which was just like taking them to messy play or spending an afternoon at nursery. They loved it! 

Fergus Club Europa desserts kids club.jpg Fergus Club Europa games room.jpg

And the food... If you love Spanish cuisine, this is the place to be.

The menu is varied and there are different dishes everyday with endless options, and at dinner time there is also a buffet just for kids. The Italian restaurant had a smaller selection, it was so good I could have dined there every night. 

paella fergus club europa.jpg fergus club europa tapas dinner.jpg

Have I even mentioned the endless dessert options yet? Oh and the wine on tap? 

Yes, wine on tap!

And there was endless coffee available at by the pools, bars and lounge areas, I was really spoiled the whole week...

Fergus Club Europa desserts.jpg

After being tempted by so much delicious stuff, I made up for it by taking a spinning class which they offer everyday. There are basic facilities at the gym and just enough to get a good holiday gym session in. I managed a few times in the week and was quite pleased with myself! There are also stretching and yoga classes in the morning if that's your thing. 


fergus club europa lighting reception.jpg fergus club europa mel play park 3.jpg Fergus Club Europa reception.jpg fergus club europa wine on tap.jpg Fergus Club Europa toilets.jpg fergus club europa peguera beach.jpg

We had a fantastic time in Mallorca once again, and can't wait for the next time! Have you got your next holiday planned? 

*We paid for our holidays and received a 10% discount booking directly with the hotel. I only share places that I would recommend and return to, and we loved Fergus Club Europa - thank you for an amazing week! 






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