A very easy way to customise a picture frame

I am always looking for affordable ways to customise my home décor items to get away from the shop bought look. It always helps to keep any left over décor materials that you've had from previous projects, with a good imagination they can always come in handy. In this case I have used some white textured (and paintable) wallpaper I had left over from customising my daughter's wardrobe to create a bespoke picture frame.

This is the final result, I love the black & white effect, the textured frame and how the small photo becomes the focal point within the large frame! Scroll down to see how you can do the same in a few easy steps.

after frame

I have started with a plain square frame from Ikea:

before frame

Open your frame and put all the pieces apart, and use the insert from the frame to measure the wallpaper to fit the frame:

wallpaper frame

Once you've marked the right size with a pencil, carefully cut it to size. Place your chosen image in the centre and then place the glass on top. I have tried a couple of different photos, but the black & white was definitely the one for me! Once you have decided which photo you'll use, make sure to use glue dots or tape to stick it in place so it doesn't move once it's ready to be displayed.

customising frame with walpaper

You can now discard the frame insert as it will show against a white background.  Place everything else back in the frame and voila... You have a bespoke frame which you can hang or lean on a shelf or bookcase, and it was super affordable to make!

I leave you with more shots of the finished result...


shelflounge1 frame 1 step 5

b and a frame

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