An Easter Kitchen Makeover

Some people bake, some party, some just eat chocolate and chill. Here this Easter weekend we have decided to do a room makeover. And tackle the kitchen! Ok, I was very eager to get rid of the green on the walls, so I 'casually' made that the first room in my list as I wrote in this post!

The kitchen is not quite finished yet, but after 2 days of painting we are getting there! You can follow the progress on my Insta until I do the big reveal over here! Until then, here's my kitchen makeover moodboard...


I love the colourful green of the plants against the coolness of the grey. The brass on the shelf brackets (which I've ordered from Arbol House and looooove it!) and cutlery & brass detailing adds warmth (stunning serving set by West Elm). I've ordered and received my hanging planters from Mia Fleur (super quick delivery by the way!) , can't wait to hang them! Dry paint, dry! 

Now that the wall painting is done, I've got to finish preparing the shelves, pay a visit to Ikea (do I sense some Ikea hack coming soon?!) and then start styling the kitchen. 

What do you think of the moodboard?  

Have a fantastic chocolate-and-family-fun-filled Easter!  

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