Baby Changing in Style

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Baby L and I were in SP with the family most of last month (also explains my absence from here - busy time catching up with everyone and making the most of the time with long distance loved ones!)

As you do when visiting home, we went to the shopping mall where I used to go since I was a kid myself! It has gone through countless transformations throughout all those years, and yet every time I visit it feels as though I've never left! However... being the first time I visited as a mom, I had to look for baby changing facilities, and I was overwhelmed with the attention and care dedicated to the space for the little ones.

The 'Family Space' as it is called was so carefully designed that you could change your baby, feed them (whatever age they are, as there is also a kitchen!), let them sleep, even bathe them! Then do it over and over again...

I thought of the UK shopping malls and department stores baby changing facilities I've been to so far in these whole 5 months of being a mom :), and they don't tick all those boxes. UK retailers, I'd propose you add some warmth and style to your facilities? (And of course I'd be dying to design them for you) - Me and my mommy friends would thank you!

Enough talking, have a look for yourself!

As you enter there is a row of individual changing booths taking centre stage in the room.

Each has their own changing mat, with a clean disposable sheet, built in bin and shelves to store your belongings or shopping!

There is a bath, sink and any supplies you may need available. The wall is covered in a clothes line motif wallpaper in neutral colours, and there are shelves styled with stuffed toys and artificial  plants.


IMG_8994 IMG_9001



Doesn't everyone need to pay a visit to Starbucks before a feed?


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