Bathroom Renovation Part 1: 3 Tips to choose your Bathroom Tiles

If you've renovated a bathroom before you know the weight that the decision of choosing tiles comes with! I mean you'll only have to live with them for the next few (many) years to come, so it's important to get something you love. Tiling is not the easiest and cheapest of jobs, so you want to be sure about your choice. 

I recently ordered quite a few tile samples as I'm planning my bathroom renovation. There were a few 'oh no not that one' and a few 'I love this one!' moments. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your tiles to make sure you won't just 'like' your new bathroom, but you will LOVE it!  

I absolutely love the texture on these tiles!  

I absolutely love the texture on these tiles!  

1. The style you love 

You must have a style that you've always dreamed of, and that is just what you need to go for. There are some very popular styles: metro tiles, marble, mosaic, hexagonal. Are you obsessed with a particular one? Then make it yours.


 2. The colour you love

What colour do you want to see every morning when you wake up, and during those long relaxing well-deserved baths... White, black, beige, grey, blue, multi-coloured. The choices are endless, so think carefully what you want your bathroom to deliver for you when you are making your choice.

Grey Goddess Small Stripe Tiles

Grey Goddess Small Stripe Tiles

3. Mix and match patterns

You may choose a patterned tile for a feature wall in the shower, splash back or bath surround. The trick to making it work is choosing one patterned tile and then two plain tiles for the remaining walls and floor. Their colours should also complement your patterned tiles so that the whole design works together.  


For more ideas and inspiration you can also check out my Pinterest Board here:

In the next post I'll be sharing my bathroom renovation mood board. Come back and have a look and let me know what you think!

All of the tiles featured in this post are from, I received the samples within a few days of ordering them and the service has been great. 

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