Before & After: A girls bedroom makeover

We have been living in our current home for a year now, time is flying by! At the end of last year we started decorating my daughter's bedroom, we should have done it sooner however we were waiting for the wallpaper to be ready as it was the starting point and inspiration for her bedroom decor. Not to mention that since we moved we also decorated the living room, master bedroom, study, guest bedroom and renovated the ensuite - it was a very busy year! But getting back to this girly makeover... 

the room before

When we moved in, the room couldn't look further from what we envisioned for a toddler's bedroom. Dark burgundy feature wall sitting next to lilac walls, skirting boards and door frames which must have been white one day but turned yellow. The chandelier and blinds were left behind by the previous owners. Some pictures of the room before... 

before & after nursery before bedroom makeover

the scheme

I wanted light walls and colours, her bedroom doesn't get a lot of natural light most of the year (ah the joys of living in the UK!!) however when the sun is shining, it comes through the small side windows.

White, pink and light grey it was! 

Whilst this may seem like the most common girls' bedroom colour scheme these days, I have added some personal touches to make it really hers, and one that you won't find anywhere else. 

The starting point was the Hop Bunny Hop wallpaper! She has always had a thing for rabbits, so that sparked the idea. I designed the wallpaper with my daughter and her bedroom in mind. It became popular fairly quickly, and that has led to this wallpaper being one of my first ever printed on a larger scale. 


the bedroom reveal

If you have been following me on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest you will have already seen small sections of her bedroom, but I am finally giving you the full reveal now, from every angle! 

The bedroom is divided into sections: Sleep, read, change, play. 

The bedroom is divided into sections: Sleep, read, change, play. 

We are so lucky that her bedroom is a very generous size and I was able to divide it into sections. She will get her new big girl bed soon which will replace the cot bed. 

girls bedroom after makeover

We used a light shade of grey, St John from Earthborn Paints around her bedroom. The growth chart hanging breaks up an otherwise uninteresting section of the room. The hopscotch rug is one we already had from her nursery, by Vertbaudet

girls bedroom pink grey

I wanted to work with the shape of the room and ceiling and decided to paint a diagonal wall feature following the lines of the sloped ceiling. We ended up with a half pink half grey wall in what is now one of my favourite features of her bedroom. 

play corner girls bedroom

The chalkboard play section is her go-to area as soon as she wakes up and also the last thing she plays with before bed time - it is a hit and I really recommend it! It is also a lot easier to maintain then I thought, totally worth doing it!

rocking chair girls bedroom

The Bunnies wallpaper we used in her bedroom was one of the first prints I had of this design. I had enough rolls to use on her feature wall, and since then the design (and the production quality!) has evolved and you can see the final design here

The round rug with pom poms is a budget DIY project I did for under £20 which you can check out here. The super cute throw/blanket is by Mama Designs

play corner chalk board girls bedroom

I have also covered the back of the house shelves with samples of wallpaper designs that I have been working with. The super cute balloon print can be found here

girls bedroom house shelf storage bag

I have played with the accessories in her bedroom and the best part is that they can be easily moved around as her interests change - for now she is pretty much into them all! The pink dots garland, play-dream-love print and super cute toy storage paper bag can all be found here.

I hope you enjoyed this bedroom makeover as much as I enjoyed making it! Drop me a comment below with your thoughts, I'd love to hear from you!

Next up: baby nursery :) 


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