BizMums Awards - Thank you!

Recently I got the amazing news that I am a finalist for not one, but two BizMums awards! Yes, me! I had to look again as I was tagged on Facebook to make sure it was really meant for me, and yes, among amazingly strong women there I was.   

It's been a tough 11 months in this journey but I wouldn't have done any of what I did if it wasn't for the huge support I get, so THANK YOU to everyone following and supporting me on social media, readers of my blog, and my lovely customers! 

I am so happy to be a finalist in the New Business Award and Inspirational Mum Award Categories! 


Only a year ago I wouldn't have dreamt that today I'd be where I am. Fast forward one month from that and everything changed. It was bittersweet: I was made redundant from my job of thirteen years and I was also four weeks pregnant! 

After many ups and downs - more downs at that point as I adjusted to being a stay at home mum and the necessary financial adjustments - I decided to put my skills to use and started designing my first wallpaper collection. I launched my interiors shop in February this year and my wallpapers went 'live' in April, only the week after my youngest daughter was born! 

I don't know where this journey will take me but I hope that it'll be a long and happy one!  

I have new designs in the pipeline and other exciting plans to extend my collection to cushions and stationary shortly. I have had to learn so many things so far, and put in many late hours whilst pregnant and most recently after the girls go to bed every night. It's not been easy, but it's been worthwhile! 

I wish the best of luck to all the finalists in the BizMums awards and also all the hard working mamas out there! 

The award ceremony will be on the 8th of October, I'm keeping all my fingers crossed and I'll let you know what happens! :)


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