Blush, white and grey: Home Accessories Inspiration

Last year I wrote a post about Blush, White and Grey Inspiration for the bedroom (you can read it here) and it is my most read blog post to date!! I'm glad that you liked the selection of bedroom images I've picked to inspire you.

Blush is a colour that has been taking the world of interiors and fashion by storm, and it is so versatile! The more you use it, the more you want to use it. Plus, combine it with white and grey and you have the most dreamy combo for those seeking a break from the all black & white look. 

So I figured, since it's also a combo really close to my heart, I'd take it one step further! 

And here is a blush, white and grey: home accessories inspiration. I've picked some of my favourite accessories to bring you some B, W & G eye candy! I've curated a collection of accessories that I would have at home as well so I couldn't resist sharing them here as I love them all. Hopefully you will too... 


blush pink velvet cushion raine & humble the room alive blush inspiration grey knot cushion the room alive Blush knot cushion the room alive

There is no better way to add accent colours to a room than using cushions! Use and abuse of them as you like! (Velvet Pink Cushion and Blush & Grey Knot Cushions

in the kitchen

dassie artisan blush serveware plate bowl and mug the room alive blush mug dassie artisan the room alive inspiration blush mug plate dassie artisan the room alive

The kitchen shouldn't be left out of the blush crush, just imagine what a treat to spoil your guests to these dinner plates or having a well deserved cup of coffee in this stylish mug - this should be a must during your 'me-time'! 

wall decor

neon light love white the room alive love inc olive et oriel balance print the room alive feather print olive et oriel the room alive la rose mur blush grey and white print olive et oriel the room alive c'est la vie olive et oriel print the room alive

A great way to make a statement and add those colours into your home. If you don't want to commit to drilling into walls, use command strips or prop them up against the wall on top of your sideboard, shelves and even on the floor. (Neon sign light and Olive et Oriel Prints

And to top all the blush goodness off, all of the above not only make great treats for yourself and your home, but they make great gifts as well. And with Mother's Day fast approaching, it's a good time to start gathering ideas... 

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