Bring warmth into your home


Having just come back from a week in sunny Spain, I am missing the bright coloured tiles and warm colours everywhere! 

There is something special about colourful patterned tiles that is so Mediterranean, so warming, and so uplifting. And how I wish we could see more of it here in the UK, am I the only one!? Coming back from 30 degrees plus, to a grey 10 degrees London brought that out in me and perhaps seeing more happy patterns around us would help (bring the memory of the sun and warmth if nothing else!) 

I have picked my favourite tiles and patterns that would help bring spanish vibes into our homes...


 What a great way to add colour to a white background, this fireplace looks absolutely beautiful! 


If a quick fix is what you're after, these tile stickers would do the job. Suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, this would be a quick pick-me-up  to those tired walls or tiles! 


The Patchwork is from the Cement Tile Shop,  there is a surprise element when you order this as they will send you a random selection of patterned tiles, to create a composition you want, like this one below! 


I know we were talking about colour, but I couldn't resist picking these tiles from Bert & May! The pattern speaks for itself, I'd love a bathroom covered in these for a super relaxing bath and down time at the end of the day, with a touch of warm memories from Mediterranean-warm evenings! 


And yet another warming bathroom idea! I love the colour combo on these tiles! 

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