Christmas Dinner Table Inspiration with LivingEtc and Calligaris

Last week I went to the LivingEtc and Calligaris Christmas Event in their showroom in London, and it was full of designer inspiration on how to set your Christmas table, with the awesome Marianne Cotterill (LivingEtc stylist) presenting how she came up with the concepts for her designs and her mood boards for the two set ups that I'll share with you shortly! I also met the amazing award winning blogger and Pinterest coach Jen Stanbrook from Love Chic Living. A super evening and very inspiring! 

Marianne styled two dinner tables, one in red & white and one in gold & earthy tones, all to complement the beautiful furniture in the showroom.

If you're looking for inspiration for your table, you'll definitely find something within these styled tables - there are so many great ideas you can steal! 


Glitter-stars-covered pomegranates with placement cards, red and green stars, candles, feathers the super fab hanging ferns made this a stunning look for this setting, perfectly enhancing the marble table and red chairs, it is simple yet wow-inducing!

IMG_1817.JPG IMG_1819.JPG

And here is the second setting...


Pine cones, cork bowls, glitter-dipped-feathers, favour bags with mini-gold crackers, the metallic garland falling over the table, stars... there was so much to take in, it stole the show in a fabulous over-the-top-I-can't-stop-admiring-you way and Marianne did it to perfection! 

IMG_1805.JPG IMG_1816.JPG

Whilst the second one was my favourite as I am drawn to earthy tones and metallics, I am taking inspiration from both settings to dress my Christmas table this year!

I'm planning on using stars, fruit placement cards, glitter-dipped 'accessories' and elements from nature. I'll be sharing it with you in a few days (glitter-dipping is not yet finished so I won't say anymore not to ruin the surprise!)

Some elements are just stunning but don't feel disappointed if it's not quite realistic to use it all in your home. For example, the garlands wouldn't work for me as I have spotlights only in the kitchen. But I sure need to find a way to use hanging ferns next year as they blew me away.

Take it all in bite-sized chunks and use what you feel will suit your home and personality, and have lots of fun with it! 

Before you go, I'm curious to know which one is your favourite, let me know in the comments below :) 

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