Dream Kitchen: 5 must haves

On Sunday Baby L and I took a trip to Ikea in search of some practical stuff mainly storage for small spaces such as my entrance hall and customisable frames (post to come!). We walked through the kitchen set ups and all I could think is that it's all very good to have shiny new units, but without adding a touch of character and personality you would not get the dream kitchen you may have dreamt of. Last week I talked about displaying art in the kitchen (here) and that is definitely one of my top 5 must haves in any dream kitchen. So I am now inspired to share my other 4 must haves to get you there...

A cooker you can't get enough of!

The one that makes any amateur chef or those who just enjoy the feeling of cooking for friends and family (that would be me!) feel like a pro. Enjoy what you are doing, cook with love and the food will taste that much better!


A stunning backsplash.

I would always go for simple plain units and then add character with detail in a kitchen. Less is more. And also, the cost of updating a backsplash is lower than replacing an entire set of kitchen units if you fall out of love with them. Top Tip: do not go for the latest trend, go with your heart instead when making kitchen choices!

By Housetohome.co.uk

Lots of worktop space.

A dream kitchen must have plenty of work space. It'll make you love it that much more! The extra space is not for clutter though ;)

By Bobvila.com

And of course, that farmhouse sink.

I doubt I am the only girl that dreams of having one of these (am I?) Either way, they add a lot of character and charm, not just to a country style kitchen but I have seen them very successfully integrated in industrial and even contemporary sleek kitchen designs.

By Theguardian.co.uk

Have a look at my pinterest Dream Kitchen board for more inspiration here.

Have a great day!

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