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For the past many years we've been really active, when we had no kids we used to work out several times a week, play tennis, take pilates and spinning classes. Plus take the dog out for long walks or bike rides. My first daughter was born in 2014, and seven weeks later I was back at it. We didn't necessarily have the time to continue with all the activities as before, but the gym was still a non-negotiable, and I used to run a few times a week and take the odd spinning class here and there. 

Everything changed when my second daughter was born in April this year. Our gym membership was long gone as spare time became nothing more than a distant memory. There. is. no. spare. time. Toughest time of all, as you are restless looking after a toddler and a baby who cannot coordinate their sleep times and have different needs, both my husband and I are constantly exhausted. 

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When I recently got an invitation to attend an event at David Lloyd Milton Keynes I was over the moon. Partly because David Lloyd is the best health club around here, and partly because it included the magic sentence 'bring your children'. That was it! A solution to my long-lasting lack of fitness activities! 

My almost three year old and I attended the event along with other lovely local bloggers and their children, we were given a tour of the facilities, a yoga class whilst the little ones attended a kids club class or the creche, time to go swimming with the littles and a yummy dinner. It was the start of my journey back into fitness and best of all: family included! 

It was no surprise I was aching from the yoga class, for several days after! However over the next weekend I was back in there to start off my journey to fitness. The Mr was fully onboard, being as committed to fitness as he is. So off we went, fully loaded family of four to kick start our membership at David Lloyd! 

We both managed to work out whilst my eldest one was playing in the soft play frame and kids area and making new friends, and my youngest one was either feeding, sleeping or just looking around being cute. 

Enjoying the kids facilities whilst having a break from the soft play frame

Enjoying the kids facilities whilst having a break from the soft play frame

The girls at David Lloyd Milton Keynes

The girls at David Lloyd Milton Keynes

There is a vast array of activities for them, especially when Lia turns three in December. She will be able to attend kids club activities and even tennis lessons. 

It seems like the perfect way to set back into a healthy routine, school holidays are out of the way and I can pop in there anytime I want to attend a class or do some exercise. All I need to do is book the creche and get my training gear on. I might even take my laptop as the facilities are great and with the little ones entertained I need to make use of all the time I can to get work done these days!

I will keep you updated on our progress... 


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