Five Things

Happy Sunday! 

We made it through another week in lockdown, I hope you are finding your way within the new normal and enjoying the pause. I have started making notes of five things that stood out for me this week as a way to remember all the positives from these challenging times.

Here are five things I have enjoyed this week...

1. Surprisingly, having my eldest 'back to school' aka home learning was actually good to give us some kind of routine, which I think we are just about getting to settle into. Don't be fooled though, on Friday we were celebrating the weekend was in sight!

2. Going with the flow, and seeing where it takes us. I am trying my best not to put too much pressure on my diary at the moment, as I am working in the evenings when the kids are in bed and that's also when I pack orders. So I have added less things than usual to my to-do list everyday, and for the first time in months I have actually ticked all of them off! I have a second to-do list which has my long-term tasks as well, so that's helping me manage my time and plan ahead.

3. We have finished watching The Stranger on Netflix, it didn't take long to go through the series but it was so intriguing we couldn't wait to watch the next episode every time. Worth a watch!

4. Coming up with meals to cook is a chore at the moment - I love cooking but NOT twice a day for a demanding crew. My favourite recipe this week was this Spiced Carrot and Lentil Soup from BBC Good Food. I've made it before and it's a favourite!

5. Listening to Holly Tucker's interviews with the experts and also on her recommendation this NY Times Daily podcast about the next year of the pandemic. 


If you had to write Five Things, what would yours be?

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