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When I mention that I go to David Lloyd in person or on social media, I often get asked how it is and whether it is worth joining... The prices are not necessarily the cheapest when you compare to other gyms and health clubs, however I don't think that would be a fair comparison as David Lloyd is much more than that. It's a lifestyle club that also has a gym and much, but so much more to offer. 

A few months ago we very lucky to be offered a family membership at David Lloyd Milton Keynes, so we started discovering everything that they had to offer, you can have a look at our first impressions here and here

As an answer to whether it is worth it, I thought I'd list here the five things I love most about DL!

1. Fun for the whole family

This is kind of the obvious one, but it is so true and the main reason why I love it! Having two young daughters, a business, a dog and everything else that comes with decorating and maintaining a family home, 'busy' is an understatement and the moments we get to spend together are far and few between, so they are treasured! 

When we go to DL at the weekends or evenings, we know it's guaranteed fun family time. The play area with a soft play frame is great to entertain the little ones while one of us are working out. And then there's the swimming pool which is the highlight for my 3-year-old, and even my 10-month old baby has a blast. Guaranteed naps afterwards are a bonus...

David Lloyd swimming Milton keynes.JPG

2- Space to work 

I have spent many working days at DL when I just needed a quiet place or a change of scenery to focus. With their awesome facilities it was a no brainer. And even better with their delicious menu and coffee available from the bar only a few steps away. 

David Lloyd coffee.JPG

3- The classes & the gym

Of course this list had to include the fitness side of it. I used to be really active, but with everything that I have going on at the moment, if I can work out twice a week I feel lucky!

So I have been making the most of the classes available at David Lloyd. Their app makes it super easy to book them, as you can save your favourites and then book your classes up to 10 days in advance. The options are endless, although my favourite ones are pilates, group cycling and body balance. And there are classes for the little ones as well... 

David Lloyd timetable.JPG David Lloyd app timetable

Their Cardio equipment in the gym with individual screens have always been a hit for me! They are currently renovating their gym area which will be re-opening on the 22nd of March in what promises to be a 'state of the art' gym. I seriously cannot wait to see it! In the meantime, there are temporary facilities for the CV and weight training addicts so no one is let down.  

FullSizeRender.jpg IMG_4312.JPG

4- The crèche

There is childcare on site. How genius is that?

And the facilities are really well equipped with an experienced team to cater for children of 4 months up to 5 years old. You can book an hour at a time which is just what you need for a workout or a class, or even a quick meeting or a trip to their hairdressers just upstairs (see what I mean about lifestyle? You can literally get everything done there!)  

5- The social aspect

There isn't much of a social life going in in this household... when you're working at every spare minute during the day and after the kids go to bed, the next thing you think about is always sleep (how little will I sleep, how long until the next little person wakes up, how soon can I get to sleep and so on).  

We barely go out and choose takeaways instead most of the time, so our social life was reduced to catching up with friends at birthday parties. DL has allowed us the place and time to see more of our friends. As some were existing members and others joined after we did, it is so easy to arrange to meet for a coffee and play time for the girls at the weekends.  It is also the best option since there is no bad weather once you're in there! No more trying to find where to go on a rainy Sunday! 

David Lloyd Milton keynes.JPG


So my answer is a big fat YES, it is worth it if you are looking for a place that can provide you with all of the above and more. I haven't even mentioned the tennis facilities and many others simply because we don't have time to use them all, but what we do use is fantastic.

These six months of membership have been the best gift we could have had last October, and after this trial would I continue to be a member? I guess you already know the answer - of course I would and I think we just might have to... 

*A big thanks to David Lloyd for this great opportunity to experience the club for six months. As always my opinions are my own and I only recommend things and activities that I would do myself. 

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