Five Things - Lockdown Week 6

Happy Sunday! 

We can tick off Week Six of lockdown, it kind of feels like a milestone week. Who knew six weeks ago we would be where we are now? 

Businesses and life are changing at a pace that is unbelievably and surprisingly fast, and maybe we are adapting, pivoting, learning and growing. Or maybe we are pausing and taking it all in. Whatever you are doing, make sure it is what's right for you. 

Time to revisit the positives from this week..

1.This is an easy one, on Monday my youngest daughter turned three! It was a lockdown birthday in full Frozen 2 style, from the cake to the decorations, she thoroughly enjoyed it - we all did really!

2. Ryan Serhant latest vlog, I first watched it on Instagram and it was emotional to see the streets of NYC empty, but his words made me not want to scroll down the page. Then I watched this and again I couldn't look away. Punchy, clever, persuasive, positive and just right.  

3. I've launched 3 new cards and updated my print collection - way overdue I admit and although the to-do list grows each day, I'm also ticking things off at a great pace. I'll add some of the new designs below for you to see.  

4. Who knew before quarantine this would even be something I'd be grateful for... I actually managed to find a click & collect slot at one of my local supermarkets. It's a small win, I wasn't enjoying the weekly food shop with all that's going on though and it feels a lot less stressful this way.  

5. In December I got Gabrielle Bernstein's book The Universe Has Your Back and I loved it so much, I also got it on audio and it wouldn't leave my side for about two months. Whenever I have a wobble, I play it and it makes the worries go away. I've done a bit of that this week, and I am ending the week feeling positive and energised.

What about you, what are your five things this week? 

Take a look at some of the new cards and prints...

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