Five ways to create the most stunning Christmas Dinner Table

After weeks of decking the halls, the big day is almost upon us and almost all the focus will turn to the dinner table, there is still time to get some inspiration to turn your Christmas table into one your guests will remember for years to come.  

Last week I shared the stunning work of stylist Marianne Cotterill in the tables she styled for Calligaris and LivingEtc event, check the post here for some ultimate inspiration you can swoon over.  

Today it is about the little touches you can add to your table that will make all the difference. It's about the detail! It always is...   

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Or cotton ball lights, they create a stunning atmosphere and lighting alternative. I always use them, as candle light has not been seen in dinner tables in my home since L was born, this is a safe and child-friendly alternative that makes a great impact. A great alternative to the classic candle-lit dinner. 

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Go out of your way to make these stand out. Stars are meant to bring you good luck, so you can't go wrong with them, right? I have made these stars out of clay and then glitter-dipped them (which you could do in any colour you chose) and will be writing the names on them using silver or gold marker. You can then attach what you create in a bauble, fresh fruits like apples, pears or pomegranates or simply use some twine and attach them to your napkins. 

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If you want to use candles, then this is a simple and beautiful way to make your table look beautiful and traditional. Place them on a wood board like this one and your table is done! All you'll have left to do is light them up and appreciate the glowing lights.




I'm a big lover of design glassware. They add personality to a table, the more colourful and detailed, the better. These copper bottom glasses are from TKMaxx, which is one of my favourite places to find stunning yet affordable glassware. The marble coasters are also suited for the occasion!

Tip: I often don't buy full sets, but 2-4 of each when I like them, and use mismatching glasses that work well together for added personality and quirkiness.  



You don't need to have lots of things on your table, you can chose one main statement piece to use as a centrepiece instead and your table can look just as great. Chose a small tree, a vase with flowers, a large candle holder like the one above, wooden Scandi decorations or even just a large bowl that you love and fill it with pinecones, baubles, fruits, anything that you love. Try to keep it in your colour scheme and it'll work wonders. 


Have a great time decorating your table and then enjoying your fab meal, I'd love to see some of your pictures over on Instagram , tag @theroomalive or drop me an email!  




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