Get the Look! Living Room Makeover Shopping List

Last week I shared my living room before and after photos, as it went from beige and dark to a modern, bright and airy space. You can read all about it here

As promised, I have put together a shopping list for you to check out some of the cool pieces of furniture and accessories for yourself.

Table lamp by Designer  Anna Jacobs  

Table lamp by Designer Anna Jacobs 

Let's start with my favourite (every room has one!) and probably most unique addition to the room. Back in June I visited the House Fair at Kensington Olympia and have come across the beautiful creations by multi-talented artist and designer Anna Jacobs. Her designs were so eye catching that we had to stop and find out how soon we could get our hands on one of those table lamps! A lovely chat and 15 minutes later we were bringing home our very own Beak Street table lamp by Anna Jacobs. You can check her designs and product range here and find her on Instagram @annalysejacobs and Twitter @annajacobsart. 

Stunning isn't it? And the fact that you can make your own combination of pattern and flex colour makes it so much more fun and unique!


Now that I've shared my favourite one, let's carry on with the shopping list... 

Toy storage unit and baskets by Jojo Maman Bebe : I highly recommend this unit, the amount of toys it can 'hide' is great! 

Print by Visual Pixie - Etsy : I bought a downloadable file and then ordered a print on the size I needed


Brass light pendants by House Doctor DK - Arbol House : totally unique, wow-factor pieces 

Hello Acrylic sign by Lala Loves Decor : I love how casual it looks just sitting there, as a reminder of the welcoming space it now is 

White geometric candle holders by Mia Fleur : adding some contrast to the teal wall 


Geometric black and white cushion covers by H&M : so affordable at only £3.99

Sofa by Next : you can find a similar one as the same model is no longer available

Throw by Urban Outfitters : I got it during the sale and this one is now sold out


Basket (used as plant pot) by House Doctor DK - Arbol House : love love love this storage basket turned plant pot

Tree by IKEA : every room needs a bit of green

Ombre Helene Basket by House Doctor DK - Southwood Stores : adds texture, pattern and it looks cool too!

Ceramic Planter  - Mia Fleur : it's actually a hanging planter but sitting in a shelf for now as it fits in so nicely

Everything else we already had or re-housed from another room. Moving home is a great time to move things around to make your rooms look fresh and new. But you don't need to wait to move home to do that, move your accessories around with the seasons and you won't get tired of how your home looks! 

If you find any other accessories that you think would look great in this room, or need a helping hand finding some accessories for your room, drop me a line below! I'd be happy to help :) 


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