Go Big or Go Budget: White Chandelier

I recently shared my chandelier crushes (here), and in my search for my favourite chandeliers I found a #gobigorgobudget option that you cannot miss if you liked the white beaded chandelier. Let's #gobig first. One of my top crushes was a white beaded chandelier that has the right mix of classic and modern, just the style I like.

I have come across a variety of this beautiful pendant, and have found the one pictured below sold by Out There Interiors (which have some amazing furniture and accessories by the way, check them out!) for £745. #droolingoverit


Amazing? YES! Pricey? Yes!

So if your wallet is turning its back to that one, there's always the #gobudget option.

This is the one pictured in my chandelier crush post by The French Bedroom Company, a much more affordable option sold for £120. I still got a crush on this one :)

thefrench bedroom company chandelier

You don't have to sacrifice style for budget!

#gobigorgobudget #chandeliercrush

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