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I have to admit that I'm a lover of flowers and even more so plants! A bit of greenery really completes a room and makes everything happier and brighter. Maybe because I grew up in Brazil and greenery is almost everywhere.  

However... I also have to admit that I'm not good at keeping them alive, as sad as it is, life always gets in the way. I once successfully kept an orchid alive for a few months and I was over the moon, but it must have been luck. My friend at Shiny Black Door has recently written a post about her orchid mission, and I feel every bit of her struggle! 

Some of my artificial greens on my bookcase

Some of my artificial greens on my bookcase

 So, not wanting to give up on flowers and plants, I was converted! Faux was my new thing, and I started embracing it. And I have to say, I'm loving it. When you work full-time, have a one-year old and two dogs, a house to keep clean & tidy, faux is the way forward (until you probably retire and then have some spare time in your hands again!) So much so, that artificial plants even made my wish list last Christmas (check it out here)


But we are not just talking any artificial flowers & plants. I have a few favourites and some go-to retailers/online stores where you can find awesome statement-making plants and arrangements. That's your Valentine's wish-list and Mother's Day gift sorted! 

Check them out:  


Top row:  

  • These Hydrangea Stems from Rockett St George are only £12 each, and look stunning in a vase. You could make an arrangement or use just 5 or 6 of them for a statement piece. 
  • The  Scarlett Bouquet by the amazing Abigail Ahern is sure to be a talking point! It's £90, and worth it as it'll keep your home looking gorgeous for a long time. Check out their entire range. 

Bottom row: 

  • Who doesn't like orchids, right? This Pink Orchids in Cylinder Vase arrangement from John Lewis  (£60) is super modern, perfect for a hallway to make you feel super welcome when you get home, or in the living room running the show. 
  • You heard me talking so much about Mia Fleur already! It's because I can't get enough of them (sorry not sorry!) Their flower and plants arrangements are to die for, and you can also buy the stems separately if you chose to create your own! Can't go wrong here! These ones are the Eucalyptus and Amaranthus arrangement for £62, and the Peony and Amaranthus arrangement for £29.
  • Now for a softer rustic scheme, there is the Sage Jug Arrangement from M&S. There is definitely someone in your life who'll love it! 


How about you? Are you a faux plants lover too? Or natural is your thing? Let me know in the comments below! x 

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