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Anyone else here browses Instagram and Pinterest endlessly for office inspiration goals and never get tired of it? Not just me then..? Great! I'm a geek when it comes to pinning and saving inspiration pics for office space. And some of my favourite ones are... 

Lust Living spotty monochrome office, which looks lush with Olivia's choice of gold accessories and the most stunning light pendant. 

Lust Living  spotty - gold - monochrome office of dreams

Lust Living spotty - gold - monochrome office of dreams

Little Big Bell also gets a top spot on my office inspiration list, the mix of bright colours and the composition she creates is so beautiful, I could work in Geraldine's office all day long! 

Little Big Bell  - Geraldine's choice of colours and designs creates a perfect inspirational space. 

Little Big Bell - Geraldine's choice of colours and designs creates a perfect inspirational space. 

Once you've decided on your office style and colour scheme, it's so easy to get spoilt for choices when it comes to decorating it, there is a lot of cool stuff out there! I've put together a handy selection of stylish accessories to decorate and style your office so you can create the look that will keep you inspired.

1. For your desk

pink concrete holder notebook flatlay.jpg

Accessories for your desk need not only be pretty - priority number 1 you'd say?! :) but also need to be practical and serve a purpose. 

- Blush pink concrete candle holder doubling up here as a desk tidy for paper clips and hooks: I love how versatile this piece is, and also how unique as it adds a touch of colour with minimalist style. 

- A5 Notebooks so you never miss an important thought or idea. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and it is so handy to have notebooks to hand when you're in the middle of something when a brilliant idea just comes to mind. Get those ideas on paper as you never know what could come of it! The A5 notebooks pictures are also gold foiled so that's extra glam for your desk. 

2. For your shelves + walls 

Print Goals A4 4.jpg Print Girlboss A4 2.jpg

A home office is the perfect space to use and abuse of all those motivational prints you love. I love a gallery wall in an office like Little Big Bell's choice above. Simple and to the point, they can uplift you when you're having a tough day, and keep you focused when procrastination threatens to take over. The 'Goals' and 'Girlboss' prints above are available framed in a selection of colours or unframed for you to create your own display. 

3. To decorate your wall

dots explosion on the wall.jpg

To make it the most productive space in the house, the walls must be just right. If you love pattern and it inspires you, then hanging wallpaper like Just Living did in her gorgeous office above is the way to go. Looking at a beautiful pattern will make you feel good, and that's what you want from this space! 

However if you feel that you couldn't stare at it for long though, consider wallpapering one of the other walls, as it would add depth and beauty to your home office and still make you smile every time you walk past it. 

The wallpaper above is 'For the love of dots' , and it's available in paste the wall or self-adhesive format. 

Once you've done all the decorating and styling, expect nothing less than to feel unstoppable. Now let's go and get ready to conquer the world, fellow girlboss! :) 

create a life.jpg

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