How many home accessories can you buy for £20?

A lot of fashion influencers talk about High and Low. Wear one high end item and a low end item and you can pull off a great outfit and look amazing with bags of quality and style. No, I'm not going into fashion, but that totally describes my home decorating style! I love quality and statement pieces, but I also live for a bargain!

The trick to High and Low is knowing where to splurge and where to save:

Invest in a piece of furniture you love but save on the accessories. 

Or even, invest in a good quality rug but DIY or upcycle your coffee table for a budget option.  

Most of my shopping is normally done online, and when I actually go shopping you'd probably find me getting toddlers clothing, shoes and bits that they always look so cute on! And (of course) interior shopping! Lia enjoys her trips to IKEA, she sits on the shopping trolley and draws on her blank shopping list using her IKEA pencil (I knew one day I'd find a really good use for them) and tries to play with whatever I put on the shopping trolley! 

But the other day I took her to TK Maxx*. I didn't know what I wanted, all I knew is I wanted something different to add to my office and to my bookcase. TK Maxx is always great for finding that unexpected but awesome accessory you didn't even know you needed but now makes your room look so cool you can't live without it. And the best of all, for a very affordable price! £21 to be more exact... 

*Tip for shopping at TK Maxx with a toddler: grab a book from the children's toys section for their entertainment.  

So here's the outcome of our shopping trip, my three TK Maxx new home accessories...

Wire basket turn coffee table  

Wire basket turn coffee table  

Patterned Clipboard turn wall decor 

Patterned Clipboard turn wall decor 

This wire storage basket was only £12. I love the angles and the geometric pattern it creates, and I am actually planning on getting a round tray and turning it into a side table.

If you have been reading the blog for a while you'll know that I LOVE a bit of stylish stationary! This clipboard is so cool, I want to hang it on the wall with a typography print on it. Office wall décor with a twist! And it only cost £5. 

Stationary turn decorative print

Stationary turn decorative print

Just when you think that was enough for just over £20, there's one last thing... 

Well the last purchase was as multipurpose as the other two, if not even more so! I got this set of note cards for only £4 on a clearance deal. As soon as I saw them I thought, frame it, hang it, get it NOW! I framed the black & white one and I still can't believe what a bargain that was.

*Some of the items may have been gifted to me but the opinion is entirely mine :)

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