How to do your DIY Star Advent Calendar

It is that time of the year... ADVENT CALENDAR time! Only if every month of the year we could wake up every day to a treat or something to remind us to seize the day (maybe there's an idea...?) but that's one of the things that makes this season in the UK so special. 

I wanted to do a FUN advent calendar for my almost 2 year old daughter that would also look great at home! The typical advent calendar set that you can put together is geared towards older kids and while I found some cute ones, I wasn't convinced. So I figured if I DIY it it'll be just perfect for us.

The awesome Little Crafty Bugs company sent me the star advent set, and a few supplies to get me started. Amazing place to look by the way if you have a party coming up or are feeling crafty! Their selection of 'make your own Christmas crackers' is also really cute!  

Here's how you can DIY your own Star Advent Calendar: 

You'll need:  


1. Decorate the boxes individually 

IMG_1566.JPG IMG_1565.JPG

This is probably the most time consuming part, if you want your stars to all look different and  make your advent calendar even more unique, it's worth it! 

  • Cut star shapes off the glitter paper by using the box to draw the shape you need, then glue them to the stars by applying mod podge with a brush.  
  • Use washi tape to create different patterns.
  • Cover some of the boxes with decoupage paper. 
  • Decorate some boxes with the pom-poms and snow flakes.
  • Finally stick the numbers to each box.  

2. Hang the stars 


I have used dry branches to hang the stars which we have collected nearby as they had fallen from the trees.  

  • Using a braddle, make a whole in each box from the inside so you can feed the twine for hanging. I also used the braddle to push the twine through and then make a knot on the inside of the star.
  • Before you hang the stars, wrap the fairy lights around your branches! I left it till the end and it was more time consuming as I had to place it in between all the stars one by one. Finish with the battery case off the centre of the top branch so you can hide the battery case inside the large star.
  • Hang the stars on the branch at different heights. I spread mine over two branches.
  • Using the twine, attach the two branches by tying it up on each end so that the lower one now hangs from the top one.  
  • In the middle of the top branch, create a hanging loop. Allow as much twine as you need depending on where you will hang your finished advent calendar.  

3. Add your treats!  

I had to be creative with finding tiny treats for my two-year old: I used stickers, pieces of puzzles (I'll give her the whole game once she's opened those boxes!), balloons (oh, hours of fun!), finger puppets, and some sweets. 


4. Decorate your top star  

Use the glittered paper by cutting off a larger star shape and sticking the number 25 on it, then glue it to the middle of the star by using mod podge.

Make a whole on the back so it can hang from a hook on the wall, and also tape the battery case for the fairy lights inside the large star. 

As a final touch, apply snow spray to the edge of the large star and on the branches, letting it fall naturally over the stars. 

And here it is, the finished Star Advent Calendar... 

FullSizeRender.jpg IMG_1556.JPG IMG_1553.JPG

*The star advent calendar set and a few supplies were gifted to me by The Little Crafty Bugs Company.

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