How to get the Look: Half-Painted Walls

I've been pretty obsessed with half-painted walls recently (read more about it here) and after dreading the 'during' but really excited to see the 'after', we jumped into it and thought oh well, if it doesn't work it's just paint after all! 

I was really impressed at how easy it was to get it done though! It took some coordination and two of us to get the results we did, but I would do it again! 100%! I'm sharing it step-by-step here, so you can do the same if you share my crush for half-painted walls.

 You will need:  

-Frog Tape for delicate wall surface, ordered from Amazon.  

-Measuring tape 

-Spirit level  

-Paint in the colours of your choice 

How to get the look:  

1- Paint your lighter half wall first, in our case it was white. We used Dulux Rock Salt


2- Once the paint has dried for 24 hours (it is really important to let it dry for 24 hours so the frog tape doesn't take the paint off!), you are ready to start measuring. Decide at what height you want your second colour to start. Mark it with a piece of tape so that there are no marks on the wall. Then take your spirit level and align it at that height, and you're ready to start frog-taping! While someone holds the spirit level, you apply the tape just on the top edge of it, move it across the wall until you cover the whole length. Go over the next wall for about 10cm to ensure the corner is neat. Alternatively you can use a laser spirit level and follow the line it creates. 


3- You're now ready to start painting the bottom/darker half. Paint over the tape normally with a roller as you do the rest of the wall. Be careful not to go over the other edge of the tape! Allow some time for the first coat to dry (40 minutes to an hour) and then apply the second coat, once again painting over the tape with a roller. 

We used  Hemsley Cheriton Bloom  for the bottom half of the wall

We used Hemsley Cheriton Bloom for the bottom half of the wall

4- As soon as you have finished the second coat, you will have to remove the tape while the paint is still wet. The quicker you do it after painting, the better. However remove the tape slowly, folding onto itself like in the photo just below. 


And that's it, all you need to do now is enjoy the straight line in the two-tone wall you've created while waiting for the paint to dry. You've got yourself a designer feature in your room in four simple steps! 

Here's the finished wall, just before we got the flooring done! Check back to see the living room big reveal very soon :)

image.jpg image.jpg

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