How to keep going when you're a mum working full-time and blogging!

I've been in this working full-time, being a mum and blogging journey for eight months now. And we also moved home three months ago, need I say it's been busy over here? Busy like I-don't-even-have-time-for-online-shopping busy or I-have-ten-friends-waiting-for-my-reply-on-what'sapp busy. 

And just for the record, it doesn't get easier! Forget what everyone says. It does not get easier. You just become used to being so tired and sometimes sleepless that you couldn't care less if your hair had avocado in it or your trousers were covered in biscuits from sticky little hands! You get through it though! 

How? Some days I don't know (honest!) but most days I look for the positive in everything and make the most of each moment whilst staying focused on my goals.  


Here's a typical working-parenting-blogging day for me...

6:30 Alarm rings. I pretend to ignore it. Doesn't work. I've got exactly an hour and 10 minutes to get me and little one ready to go. This consists of me getting ready as quick as I can and putting some make up on before I wake her up, otherwise there'll go my make up all over her hands and she'll attempt to draw lines on her cute face using my eye liner or hide my mascara in places I'll never even imagine. 

7:00 Breakfast games, she pretends to eat her cereal while the dogs pretend not to hunt for food under her highchair. Time to move the dogs to the garden.  

7:40 Time to leave. Oh, what's this smell? Of course, the time-to-go nappy change. Note-to-self: I should allow 5 minutes for this every morning. But maybe I thought it was my lucky morning! 5 minutes later and bags (nursery bag, handbag, work bag and any other bags applicable) on tow we are finally loading the car and on the way. 

7:30 Drop her off at nursery, she waves good-bye. The moment where my heart breaks a little as I'll miss my little cutiepie for the next 9.5 hours so much! Time to get on the road though and call the Mr to say good morning as he left for work at 6am. 

9-9:30 Arrive at work destination one. Work.

12:00 Leave for work destination two. Grab some lunch & chai latte for the journey. Check emails and Instagram for five minutes. Eat lunch, call Mr to say hi and catch up with other work calls whilst driving. 

13:00 Arrive at work destination two, not long to go now.  

16:00 Getting ready to go. Check emails and oh wait, there's a cute video of Lia playing with paint at nursery, I keep smiling and I tell myself it won't be long now.  

17:30 Traffic was bad but I made it in time! Pick up some last minute groceries at the local Tesco (why do I keep falling asleep half way through my online food order?!). Arrive at nursery, and a cuddle later we are on our way back home.  

17:50 Back home, the dogs are excited (partly because we are back, but mostly because it's dinner time). It's dinner time, sticky hands are back! Along with sticky face, hair, clothes and cuddles. 

18:20 Time to watch In The Night Garden - for her! Time to catch up with emails, Instagram, FB, blog, what's app - for me! At that time the Mr arrives home. Forget emails, Instagram, FB, blog, what's app, I'll catch up with him instead.

19-20:30 This is Lia time! Play time, bath time, story book time, dancing time, or whatever else we get up to until it's bed time. 

20:30 Tidy up the bathroom/kitchen/lounge as quick as I can.

21:00 Me time = Blogging time. I try to focus while the Mr watches various TV programs that I pretend I'm following but truly I haven't got a clue what's going on. Remind myself to stay focused and keep blogging/instagramming/facebooking/pinning. 

23.00  Time to catch up on what's app whilst getting ready to switch off for the day and some real me time (a shower that is!). Bed time around midnight. 


The days are packed and challenging, but putting myself through this has made me realise how much I can do and achieve. I have been so lucky to come across some very inspiring and positive people and the lessons I've learned over the last eight months have been invaluable. 

Here are some ways to keep going: 

  1. Positivity. Think positive, act positive, speak positive. Looking for the brighter side on everything will help you not have a meltdown every time something doesn't go to plan. 
  2. Time planning. It's so important to plan what you want to achieve and when, and setting yourself small goals so that you feel great about achieving them every time. Just don't let it turn against you - sometimes things don't go as planned and IT IS FINE! 
  3. Visualise your goals. It takes some practice and perseverance, but it makes everything better. When you're having a really tough day just stop for five minutes and visualise what you want to achieve. You'll then be able to keep going till that tough day is over, and better days always come. 
  4. Sleep and recharge! This one is hard when you always have so much to do and so much in your mind, but it's so important. I'm still working on it but getting there! 

Above all, cherish every moment with your family. Enjoy every minute. Little ones grow way too quick and there's nothing more important than the here and now. Those moments will give you all the motivation you need to keep going! 



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