I wish for All Things Blush

How is your Christmas shopping going? I hope well, but if not, there is no need to panic just yet! There is just over a week left to shop online and just under two weeks to hit the shops. 

If you feel like you are out of ideas for someone special, here's something that might help! Think of their favourite colour... then look for things in that colour palette! Colours bring the best out in people (ok, so does chocolate!), and anyone's favourite colour is certain to lighten up their mood. 

Blush has been a favourite this year and is the colour of the moment (and my favourite of all times), and I've had a lot of fun picking the best Blush gift selection to share with you. If you're looking for something for the blush-lover in your life, look no further. There'll be something here for them. 

Lily-Flame Blush Diffuser £20

blush fragrance diffuser lily-flame

John Lewis Blush Footstool £325

John lewis blush footstool

Coast Faux Fur Scarf  £31.20

coast faux fur scarf blush

Michael Kors Watch £209

michael kors blush strap watch

Made.com Table Lamp in Blush Pink and Brass £59

Stunning and unique, a gift to stand out!

Pink Marble Notebook £8

pink marble notebook

Blush Pink Knot Cushion £29.95

blush pink knot cushion

LSA International Flutes £24

LSA International Pastel colour flutes

Check back tomorrow for the next wish... and a new giveaway! 

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