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This kitchen makeover has been the most anticipated and the longest in the planning at home.

I have no idea how it has been already two and a half years since we moved in?! The first thing we did was to paint white over the lime-green walls we had inherited in the kitchen. Three times over and we banished the lime green for good!

We made the kitchen useable but it wasn’t totally to our taste. With a strong dislike for dark oak kitchen units and dark tiles, flooring, worktop, the ‘dark on dark’ look never did it for me.

We kept pushing it back for several sensible reasons (young kids, work, no time, etc) until a few weeks ago when I threw ‘sensible’ out the window and decided it was time. Within a few hours the doors were down and being sanded, and the kitchen makeover had finally kicked off. I sent a picture to the Mr while he was at work so that he knew there was no going back… the whole decision making and taking doors down episode took place while he was at work, he would’ve held me back otherwise, because… well, he’s sensible!

The kitchen makeover planning

The makeover will take place in stages:

  • Firstly we are painting the kitchen units. Painting them is the first step to the kitchen we want, and also the step I can DIY quite easily.  

  • The second stage will consist of removing the tiles that cover half of the walls in the kitchen, after that we will probably have to re-plaster, decorate and tile new splash backs.

  • And finally the last stage will be replacing the flooring.  

The Before

Here’s what the kitchen looked like before, this is as it was pictured for Home Style Magazine last June, I wasn't in a position to complete a kitchen makeover before the shoot as my youngest was only ten weeks old when it took place, so it went in just as it was, oak cupboards and all.

The ‘before’ kitchen as it was photographed for Home Style Magazine in June 2017

The ‘before’ kitchen as it was photographed for Home Style Magazine in June 2017

The Vision

  • I have now decided to keep the granite worktop, despite it being so dark. I actually like it, it has grown on me, and there are many other things I can change to make the kitchen brighter. As a start, the top units will be painted in Cornforth White by Farrow & Ball, so that will be the key to a brighter space.

  • With two little ones and a dog, it’ll be more practical to keep the bottom units dark, so every unit that sits directly under the worktop will be painted in Railings by Farrow & Ball. That is almost a perfect match to one of the tones on the worktop.

  • I have ordered brass hardware for the doors and can’t wait to put them up! I have found these on Amazon and love how they look.

  • I am strongly considering using very pale pink tiles as splash backs. But I also have my eye on a monochrome geometric pattern tile, so i’ll get some samples ordered soon to help with that decision.

  • I’ll complete the scheme with some shelving and lots of plants as the kitchen seems to be the one place where I can keep my plants alive. Finally, we recently got a gorgeous Swoon Editions dining table which will fit in perfectly with the newly decorated kitchen.



We are in no hurry to complete the makeover (says the sensible me!) but also quite excited to see how it will all come together! To check my progress, follow me on Instagram here. We are taking a break over Christmas but will get back onto the kitchen makeover soon after.

Are you getting any makeover projects started in the new year?


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