Make a Cushion Wish


This time of the year can be quite stressful with all the pressure to get everything ready for Christmas, the shopping list that's never ending and the countdown that keeps reminding us how many days we have left to get all of the above done (How many times have you heard today that there's only 17 sleeps till then? Or 16 days? I heard it too many times!) It's good to have a break from all that and have some fun too! And what could be more fun than a new set of cushion covers? Especially when they come in such playful designs like the ones from H&M.

   At a small budget of under £8 each, you can get quite a few of them to mix and match. The result will be fantastic and super fun! 

Tip: It is totally acceptable (and I recommend it!) to mix patterns, however the best way to do it is to mix a small pattern with a large one! 

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