More Christmas Wishes!


I'm ready to reveal the fifth and sixth wishes, and share some more ideas for the interior-obsessed in your life!  There are no limits, right? And what would make someone that loves to decorate their homes happier than.... mmm... Tables? Ok, we're not talking about a new dining table for Christmas, but... a super cute set of side tables is totally OK! Especially like the one below, this set would rock my Christmas :) 

   They are from Zara Home, where I also found my sixth wish... 

I have something to confess, colour-coordinated tableware ticks a lot of boxes! Because you can eat your cereal in the morning off a very stylish bowl. Or because you can set up the best tea and cake get-together for your friends! Or because they simply look amazing! For whatever reason, it's worth having some like these...


Will they make your wish list too? 

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