My #seventhwish


I knew that Rockett St George would just have the most perfect gifts, but picking just one was the hardest thing ever!  There's so much choice, and it's so easy to browse their site and get lost within all the cool accessories and everything else they sell, before I knew my basket was full! So there I went trying to pick just one... 

And the one I picked is something for the interior addict that is cool, quirky and most of all spontaneous! 

   Says it all right? I really did want it all, but I definitely couldn't let go of this Cinematic Light Box, which comes with interchangeable letters, numbers and symbols to change as you wish. Want to see the other items that are high on my wish list? Here's a couple. 


I love this set of three plant pots and the set of three hexagonal rose mirrors. To be honest, I'd still like all three... It's OK to have a 3-in-1 wish, right? 

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