New Home: New Kitchen Project

I am so excited to finally share that we have moved home! I am also equally exhausted, as it has been intense to say the least. We came back from our lovely holiday at the end of February already aware that we would have 12 days (panic!) to pack our home and make the move happen. I guess we are really lucky because a process that could take months took a matter of weeks once we found a house we loved. But it was the worst timing. Ever. (have I mentioned that in those 12 days we were also both working, yep - full-time. with a toddler and two dogs. it wasn't easy. but we had to do it!)

It was so worth it, we love the house. The most exciting thing of all, is that I get to redecorate every single room in the new house! There will be months of juicy projects coming soon while we turn it into our forever home. (YAY!)

We have to start from the beginning though, and this is how it all looked only a few hours in...

kitchen moving day.jpg
lounge moving day.jpg

A week in the new house, we have made some progress, meaning we are living with less boxes than we did a week ago. Most things are where they need to be. And we have decided to kick the makeover off by redecorating the kitchen (you guessed, we are not keen on the bright green you can see in the picture!)

Currently the units are dark oak which is not necessarily to our taste and we will eventually paint them (probably a light warm grey or off-white), the worktop is a beautiful dark granite and dark tiles go with it.

The Project: I have chosen a neutral grey colour scheme to cover the walls, with a feature wall in a darker shade. On the feature wall I will add shelving and plant hangers, a sideboard (or some sort of storage) that will be painted the same colour as the wall, and I am really liking the idea of a chalkboard wall section to add a modern touch and make it super personal.

conforth white kitchen.jpg
dark grey kitchen.jpg
grey kitchen.jpg

Here are some of the photos that have been inspiring me so far:

black board wall feature.jpg
hanging ceramic planters.jpg
kitchen with black board wall detail.jpg
hanging shelf.jpg

Image Credits: chalkboard feature wall, ceramic hanging planters, chalkboard stripe across grey kitchen, hanging shelves

I cannot wait to put the whole scheme together and bring it to life! I am browsing and pinning non-stop, check out my Dream Kitchen board here. Next I need to get the shopping done - isn't that the most fun part?

What is your favourite kitchen feature? Drop a comment below!  x

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