New Obsession: DIY Posters

I have confessed a few weeks ago that I am loving DIY Posters! I have been compiling ideas for more & more posters that I'd love to put up on my walls, bookcases, desks, everywhere. You really can decorate anything with great typography and a cute message, combine it with your colour scheme and voila... it's all you needed to complete your room decor! Put it in a picture frame for your desk, print it big and wall mount it for a statement, block print it to finish up your bookcase, bed side table, window ledges. Really, anywhere!

It only gets better though as it doesn't cost the earth, so you can change it with every season, or every trend (if you like to follow trends!) I'm thinking of some to have done up for Christmas for original decoration pieces!

Here are some of the pieces I've done so far...

To start the day with positive thoughts:


For the Chocolate Lover (or the perfect gift to one!):


For the bedroom, these will look so cute side by side:

goodmorning goodnight

This one is 'Do more of what makes you Happy' in Portuguese, done exclusively for my living room shelf (you probably have already seen it in action here!):


Which is your favourite? :)

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