Oh These Steps!

My latest object of desire (or feature of desire I should say)... Customised stair risers are a very unexpected way to decorate a home. And a great conversation starter for that, wait until you open the doors to your guests and they see the beautiful pattern on your steps. I am definitely getting this done in our next house (or if we remove the carpet in this one). staircase

There are so many options available to decorate the stairs: you can tile it, wallpaper it, paint it, fabric it! I have also seen these super easy to apply decals that are made to size.

stair decal crowbaby

stair decals

Simple and striking, hey? And if they are not self-adhesive you can apply them with wallpaper paste or mod podge, and finish with a clear varnish for durability.


Stair makeover sorted!

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