One throw, Three Ways

There is something so simple anyone can do to add texture, style and colour to your living room, and also make it feel warm and cosy - just add a throw on your sofa! I've always been a fan of throws, but they became even more of a must-have item here in the UK, being the perfect way to warm up while lounging on a cold winter Sunday or catching up on our favourite TV shows in the evenings.

I am bringing to you 3 ways to style your sofa using a throw. Think of those times when your friends are coming around and you haven't had time to tidy up- that's instant style added right there!

I'm using a pale pink and white striped throw, which paired with the grey tones looks mature and inviting. Here we go...

1- Casually thrown over your sofa. This is the best way to make your room looked lived-in yet amazing, cozy and warm. It's all in the detail!

throw 1

2- Over your sofa adding another layer. Open your throw and place it over the centre of the sofa, then style with some cushions, and that's it: you've changed the look of your sofa in less than 3 minutes!

throw 2

3- Hanging over the side of the sofa 'waiter style'. This is a subtle change, but you can't deny that the texture and colour are still there, working hard to add to your room scheme!

throw 3 side

throw 3

There are so many styles and colours and textures that the options are endless, you could have one throw for each season and change them all year round.

And since we are talking about throws, here's another thing I love to do with them... Casually placing them on my Eames rocking chair, and I love the result with this particular throw! It makes for a really cosy seat.

eames with throw

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!

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