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#Shelfie #bringyourroomtolife #pictureshelfinspiration Me and Baby L are currently on holidays in Brazil for some family time, and hubby has been keeping busy back in the UK decorating the lounge! (read about it here)

He is doing an amazing job and I can't wait to see it and to get styling it! Sneak peak...

lounge picture shelf

The wall-to-wall floating shelf is up! I have wanted it since we moved in, there is something so cool about placing pictures on a shelf and leaning them against the wall instead of hanging them. I have an idea in my mind of what I want to do but I've been seeking some inspiration as well, here's what I love about the ones below...

low shelf plant

I love how casual and effortless this one looks! But I particularly love the plant on top of the book pile and mix of frames! I am going to complement mine by giving one of my glass cloches a special book-pile-top place.


Black & White, but predominantly white! The white will look amazing against the fresh grey walls, and the frames will reflect the light making the room look brighter. And there's a bit of green again too!


I really like the scale in this one. Different size frames paired with standalone letters, all so individual but makes a great composition together! Simplicity at its best.


It is the mix of old & new that gets me here. I would probably keep the shelf less cluttered so you could really appreciate every single piece, however I won't deny there's a certain charm in the mix and I just wonder how much each piece means to the people that live there and reflect their personality. After all, that is what interior design & styling is all about!

Check out my pinterest board for more inspiration on picture shelves.

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