Project: a dreamy girls bedroom

I have a super soft spot for children's bedrooms! Usually beautiful and fun, where you can use and abuse of colours and let your imagination run wild. And it's so rewarding when you put effort into little ones' spaces!

Recently I've been working on redecorating the bedroom of the cutest 4 year old girl. Her parents decided to rearrange their home to give her a space of her own. So you can imagine I was a little excited to be a part of it! (OK, a lot!) 

We started off with two colour schemes in mind: pastel mint & pink, or grey & pink. They fell for the second.

Grey & Pink has been done a million times,  but the key is picking the right furniture and accessories, adding some unique features and making sure it fits her personality. It's also important that the space grows with her!

This is what I've put together...

A grey & pink girl's bedroom moodboard  

A grey & pink girl's bedroom moodboard  

If you're wondering where you can find all these gorgeousness, I've listed them below. Clockwise from top left:

  • Ok, let's just agree that we have our entire adulthood to wake up to standard bed side tables (even though there are some amazing grown-up bedside tables out there!), but when you're a child, wouldn't you just love a house-shaped shelf by the side of your bed? Or any other cute-shaped shelf? This one is actually a memo-board by Maisons du Monde.
  • When choosing paint for children's bedrooms (and the entire home really), it's good to be aware of the options available. You can find plenty of low or no-VOC's paint  (Volatile Organic Compound), which is a substance that contains carbon and will evaporate to become a ‘gas’ at room temperature. You need to be specially aware if you're pregnant or have a young baby, but it's also harmful to the environment. What a lot of people are not aware of though, is that even long after the paint has dried, it can still emit these toxins. There are some environment-friendly options for you to look through here
  • This print is just the cutest, any cool 4-year old girl would love this! It's Pirum Parum by Fine Little Day and you can find at The Modern Nursery.
  • As she grows, she needs a place to do her homework and be creative! This desk is the Mini Architect by Verbaudet, and it's accompanied by the statement-making personalised chair by My 1st Years. 
  •  These are kinda grown up curtains, i do think that they go really well with the scheme, and again, which cool girl wouldn't want grown up curtains in her bedroom! They are from one of my favourite home décor stores, Maison du Monde. An alternative here would be to buy plain curtains and create your own print! I've got that on my to-do list and it'll be coming up soon @theroomalive! 
  • Shelves fall within the bedside table rule above: you'll have plenty of time to live with straight shelves, so let's just bring the fun factor here on the shelf department. Butterfly shelves by Maisons du Monde.  
  • A place to hang her drawings and artwork is a must! Moodboard by Maisons du Monde, however you could easily DYI this. I may try soon! 
  • This pink garland is all about keeping it girly and fun, with the bonus of added soft lighting. By Maisons du Monde.
  • The bed is the heart of the bedroom, and in this case was the starting point for the design! How could you not fall in love with it? (I've got my eye on it for Baby L's bedroom when she needs an upgrade). It's from ... you guessed... Maisons du Monde, total crush! 

Isn't it just to dream for? Can't wait to see the bedroom finished!


If you're looking for more children's bedrooms ideas, I recently contributed to this awesome article @Amaraliving, plenty of great designs and ideas, go ahead and check it out!  Ah and don't forget to let me know what you think of my Dreamy Girl's Bedroom scheme on the comments below! x



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