Re-decorating? Styling your home? 10 go-to websites for all you need

Two years ago we bought our first home and moved in to what was a blank canvas, literally! We got a brand new property which meant not only nothing needed doing (in terms of dirty work!) but all the appliances, kitchen, bathrooms, carpets, windows (I could keep going) were brand new - exciting and highly recommended! Our Dwell mirror

So our blank box needed some character and personality added in! Having lived in rented flats for the last many years, I had so many ideas that I almost didn't know where to start! My sensible husband knew we needed sofas, a bed and wardrobes as a starting point instead of fancy mirrors and wallpaper - but how tempting was that right? So how do you know what to get for a brand new place? Let's cover planning for each room another day, for now I want to share my ten go-to websites for ideas, inspiration and of course the best shopping for your home:

  1., great shopping destination for original design and affordable prices, with bags of style. We got a floor lamp, sofa bed, shelving unit and totally love it! Everything was super easy to assemble too!

    Swoon Editions Lombard Rug, £159 - on my wish list for the summer to lighten up the lounge!

  2. Swoon Editions, stylish and affordable, but you have to be quick as their editions sell out fast.
  3. ACHICA holds varied sales and if you are patient and wait for the right ones you get some really special finds! I found a bookcase which we love, rugs, pictures, wallpaper. You name it, they have it.
  4. Ikea, what I love about Ikea is that everything is customisable and can blend in with your own style. Some determination is needed to achieve great results, but isn't that the fun part of DIY-ing? Check out my Pinterest Top Transformations board for some of my favourite!
  5. Dwell, I love their mirror we got for our toilet, my office chair, and I already have many more items on my wish list!
  6. Futon Company, some amazing oak finds such as tables, beds, storage units. Same simple and fuss-free design that I love!

    Our bed from the Futon Company, and rug from Achica

  7. Ebay, why not? Just type your favourite designer in the search box and you'd be surprised how many quality items you'd find! Always a go-to place, not just for home but everything.
  8. Monoqi, original designs, check their sales out for good finds. I am currently obsessed with the wall panels they are selling by 3DWalldecor.

    Wooden Circle round wall mirror from Myfurniture, £79.99 - This one is on my wish list at the moment!

  9. My Furniture, as they say: affordable luxury! Another one where my wish list keeps growing, and they actually allow you to save your wish list ;).
  10. Casafina, same concept as Achica, definitely worth looking for unique items.

Happy shopping!

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