Room Makeover? Do this first!

It has been one of the busiest weeks yet! We have had the living room painted and new flooring installed, and it's really so much closer to looking like our living room and our home! I am about to share the moodboard for the living room makeover, keep reading...

Just before we get into that, lets talk about all those steps needed before you start a room makeover. Before you get started, it's super important to decide what your end goal is, and it sounds so obvious but you should really think about the purpose of the room and then plan to meet that purpose! 

For example, when planning a room that'll be used by kids and grown-ups, you'll need plenty of storage to keep those toys out of sight when it's grown-up time, and let's face it stepping over Lego is really painful (Yes, talking from experience!)

So here are some steps to help you kick start your makeover: 

  1. What do you want from your room? Is it a spa-like bathroom where you can unwind at the end of the day, or a play room/office where you'll need clearly zoned areas? Decide the purpose of the room. 
  2. What's your style? Choosing your scheme is super important to defining how you'll achieve what you want/need.  
  3. Start browsing and pin anything you like that matches your purpose and style! Pinterest  is the best source of inspiration, and you may also check your favourite retailers and bloggers (if they're not on Pinterest already!)
  4. Get your moodboard together! It'll help you keep focused on what you want and you can see your vision coming together. You can do it easily online. Pinterest, Olioboard and Sampleboard are just some of the sites you can use to get this done. 

That'll get you on the right track to planning your perfect room. I'll share the next steps in another post, as there's something else I'm really excited to share now...

Before I put some ideas together for my living room makeover, I was looking for a scheme that would work with our lifestyle at the moment - a toddler and a busy life call for practical measures after all.

The clean minimalist lines of a Scandinavian room were very tempting, while I've taken inspiration from that I also like a bit of colour. And as I mentioned here, I wanted a half wall feature in the room as well which would be Blush & White. We also built a fire surround and mounted the TV on the wall a few weeks ago, and I had my heart set on Teal for it.

So here it is...


If you'd like to see more check out my Pinterest board, I'll keep you updated along the way, don't miss out my Instagram sneak peeks!  

Are you planning a room makeover at the moment? Leave a comment below, let's chat about it!

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