S.S. for the #thirdwish


Ok we are not talking about the one and only gift here, but this one can be the perfect additional gift or two. And how exciting is it to give and receive several gifts on Christmas Day? Even if it's something small, part of the fun is in unwrapping it (or watching it be unwrapped if you're at the giving end) after all!  You know that secret Santa gift you need to buy and ran out of ideas? Or that cool stocking filler? Or an anytime-anywhere gift? S.S. is the answer.  

Sexy Stationary it is! Yes, stationary can be sexy. And it can also make a perfect little gift. 


I have a thing for cool design stationary, the type that would look so pretty just sitting there on that bookshelf or desk. A perfect notebook for a bedside table in the right colour and design makes for perfect styling. Add a statement pen and a candle and you're done. 

Now who wouldn't love to find one of these (or several) wrapped under the tree? 


Notebooks @ Paperchase 

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