Second Wish: The one that ticks all the boxes

How would you like to make your loved ones smile with a gift that is stylish, useful, reasonably priced and would make them think you're the best gift-picking person they know... 

Sounds great to me! Now think of those people close to you that are into good quality accessories for their home, and also those that are not so close to you but you have to get them a gift (a work colleague or secret Santa)...

This one ticks all those boxes!  

Just look at these candle holders and you'll understand why.

candle holders

The Verona Candle Holder by is the one on the left above which holds three candles. It is only £20 and comes in black or brass, and it is a great contender for the top of the wish list! candle holders

What are you wishing for this Christmas? 


*The '12 Days of Wishes' is an initiative by The Room Alive and the posts are not sponsored. It's all my opinion on the things I think would rock your Christmas :)  

knot cushion scandi freddy and sky





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