Super cute round pompom rug for under £19

This seems to be the month of rugs here at The Room Alive HQ... earlier this week I shared a mini-makeover in my living room with a bold striped rug, and today I am sharing how I ended up with a super cute new rug for my daughter's bedroom for under £19! 

Aren't we all loving round rugs right now? The more natural the material, and the more hand-made they look, the better. 

I found this really good bargain at The Range for this round jute rug for only £14.99, and initially I wasn't too sure of what would come through the door, however I was happy when it got delivered. It is super soft so after passing the comfort test, I decided to go ahead and put in little one's bedroom.


I needed to customize it though, and as I'd been doing pom-poms for her chandelier (more on that soon!), I chose to put them around the rug as well to make it look fit for a girl's bedroom.

I have only spent £3.98 on the knitting yarn and that was it - a super cute rug for a bargain!

how to do pompoms

Making the pompoms was so easy! I used a fork to hold the yarn in the pompom shape together until I tied the centre and then removed it from the fork and cut the ends, trimming any excess at the end. 

pompom rug jute round children

And here is what the rug looks like now... 

round jute rug with pompoms diy kids

It was so easy and cheap to customize it, and it can be done in any colour scheme! If you are into monochrome for example, black and white pompoms would look great! 

What do you think? 

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