Take your Bathrooms & Walls to the next level!


Decorex had so many talented designers and great products that I just have to share my final two picks from this year's show! 

This is going waaaay beyond high street shopping and looking at real statement features. I can't wait to show you! 

Juliet Travers stood out for me with such an interesting range of fabrics and wallpapers. All the designs are hand drawn by Juliet, and having launched their first collection at Decorex 2013, they have been on the road to success already selling in many countries. How could they not though, with such exceptionally fun and intriguing designs! 

One of my favourites is the Nakuru from the Safari Collection, a beautiful interpretation of the Flamingos from Lake Nakuru available in 4 different colours.  


From their newest Albion Collection, I really love the Highland Fling and the Nutcraker, featured side to side in the picture below. The Nutcracker features the red squirrel native in Britain, in a metallic finish which in my opinion is just perfect for a stylish dining room! You can check them out here




And finally, how do you fancy a statement bathroom? A basin to die for or the bath of your dreams? I can say that I have found it! I have come across these beauties... 



Hurlingham is the company behind these gorgeous bathrooms. I already have my eye on a copper basin with wooden cube and iron legs. You can see their full collection here, I warn you though: you will find your favourite and fall in love with it :) 

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