The 12th Day of #Wishes


Alright, it's the 12th day (my advent calendar clearly reminded me that as I was behind on chocolate, yeah it's been that crazy a week!) and I had two wishes in mind for today!  But... it's the last day of wishes so I thought I'd spoil you a bit instead. These wishes you're about to see are found in stores that have such great range of products, it was easy to add many items to my list, but so hard to pick just one! 

Firstly from one of my favourite online interior stores, Mia Fleur, I bet you'll also fall in love with these...

    Clockwise from top left:

  1. Concrete Candle Holders
  2. Brass Wire Storage Basket
  3. Black Geometric Hanging Planter
  4. Artificial Eucalyptus and Amaranthus Arrangement

The artificial arrangement was my first pick, but how could you not want all the others as well? 

For my second and final 'range of wishes', it all started with a love-at-first-sight situation for a pendant light, the Aston pendant light from Anthropologie. 

     Clockwise from top left:

  1. Handwoven Rattan Baskets
  2. 'The' Aston Pendant Light
  3. Perfect Symmetry Flat-Woven Rug
  4. Metalwork Hurricane Lantern 

Off to do some Christmas shopping then... 

I hope you've enjoyed my series of wishes. Drop a comment below to tell me if you made yours any of my wishes over these 12 days! 

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