The five hottest beds right now

Sleep. Chase your dreams. Repeat. Sleep is such a big part of our lives, it can most often be the cure and the solution for anything. The more rested you are, the more likely you are to make things happen! 

It is kind of ironic that I have been obsessing with a new bed for the last few months, my youngest daughter has just turned six months old this week and I have not had much sleep for a long time now. And it doesn't look like she will become a good sleeper anytime soon... I am typing this at 1.30am while she's wide awake and refuses to settle for the night! 

Never mind that, longer sleep nights will come sooner or later, and when I can fully enjoy my sleep again, I want it to be in one of these beds that I have shortlisted. 

The inspiration

These sleepless nights have left me dreaming of the comfiest headboard ever, somewhere I can just sit back on and enjoy my favourite Netflix series or read stories for the girls. A couple of months ago our Palm Leaf Garden Wallpaper was styled for Home Style Magazine and ever since I have been swooning over that pink bed! 

pink bedroom HSmag Oct 17.jpg

And also an all-time favourite with thousands of pins on Pinterest, the super bedroom of the awesome blogger Olivia from Lust Living, her style is the best and room after room she does not disappoint. This bedroom is something else, and her bed is a big part of it. Great inspo all together! 

lustliving bed.jpg

With these two fab bedrooms in mind, I started the search:

A grey or pink upholstered bed to fit into a scandi-boho bedroom. 

The Ruffle Bed from

The Ruffle Bed from

This bed from reminds me of a cloud, it looks so inviting and dreamy. And there is a choice of 157 fabrics to chose from, so you can almost have a bespoke bed to fit exactly what you are looking for. The highest priced bed on my shortlist, it seems worth it for the luxury and unique design it offers! 

The Kristoff Bed from  Swoon Editions

The Kristoff Bed from Swoon Editions

I am a big fan of Swoon Editions' furniture and now of their beds! I picked the Kristoff bed because of the simple vintage scandinavian design and those tapered oak legs. Plus what is not to love when you can also chose this gorgeous 'Blossom' House Weave fabric? 

Chesterfield Bed from  Maisons du Monde

Chesterfield Bed from Maisons du Monde

A more traditional version of the one above, this one is a good choice from Maisons du Monde, and one of the most affordable. The grey colour is subtle and it would be so much fun to style a bedroom with this comfy bed in it. 

Roscoe Bed by

Roscoe Bed by

When I started my search I didn't think I'd fall for this Dusk Pink Roscoe bed from but I did. This bed would make a statement anywhere in its gorgeous colour and beautiful oak legs, high end style and Nordic charm, this one has it all. And at a reasonable price too - win-win! 

Brunel Bed from  Heal's

Brunel Bed from Heal's

Ok I did say upholstered bed and this one from Heal's is only half upholstered, but the headboard is to die for and the base and legs are a mix of industrial and cool mid-century Scandi. So it just had to make the list!

Now the difficult task is to choose one... which one is your favourite? 

The fun is only just starting at choosing a bed... Here is a selection of boho-chic bedroom decor accessories you can use for the perfect bedroom, a useful list when it comes to building a mood board and putting the perfect bedroom together: 


Pom Pom Cushion Grey sale Pom Pom Cushion Grey 19.80 33.00 Book Stack Throw Monochrome sold out Book Stack Throw Monochrome 47.50 Cotton House Candle in Glass Jar - Raine & Humble sale Cotton House Candle in Glass Jar - Raine & Humble 8.50 17.00 Gold Pineapple Trinket Dish Gold Pineapple Trinket Dish 7.50 Toulouse Rose Sequin Basket sold out Toulouse Rose Sequin Basket 28.00

Read here for more inspiration on how to get the Boho-Chic look. 

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