The Getting-Organised #Wish


This one might be more of a New Year wish than a Christmas one, however I'm not a great believer in new year resolutions. I mean why have a set day to start something when you can do it today? I prefer the get-up-and-do-it go-getter kind of attitude! Why wait for tomorrow when you can change it now, right?  Anyway, back to my #ninthwish. Today, I wish for a planner. A bloggers planner. From The Bloggers Planner. They are just the coolest most adorable planners around, and really well thought out as well, the detail in them is incredible. 

It doesn't need to be just for bloggers though! They also sell different types of planners: the project planner, day planner, menu planner and a style journal as well. 

   It's definitely worth having a look, you won't resist :) This could be the coolest and most useful gift under the tree... 

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