The Mid-Year Resolution you need to smash 2016

I am sure you are also thinking 'where have the last six months gone?', and 'why does every year go by faster?' Is that what happens when you get older, or perhaps it's just because life is SO busy at the moment... Everyone else trying to juggle a thousands things at once, it's time to take a break to refocus and prioritise.

It's time to make sure the yearly goals are still on track to being smashed! 

We can do this in three easy steps:  

1. Where you are at the moment.  


What have you achieved over the last six months? Month-by-month, are you able to write down what progress you made towards your goals? Also, don't forget the things that matter... have you given your family enough attention and been there for them? And most importantly, have you given yourself the deserved 'me time'?

2. What you want to achieve.

With the answers from step 1 in mind, remind yourself of what you set to achieve and do a little reality check exercise. Are your goals still realistic? Setting achievable goals is the first step to success. Once you are clear about your goals, visualise them! Imagine how you will feel when they are achieved! Now bottle that feeling, and bring it back every time you need a little push to keep moving forward. 

3- Plan, plan, plan! 


Discipline and consistency are key to achieving your goals. I have learnt this the hard way and I still have to force myself sometimes to stick to my plan if I want to achieve my goals. Re-focusing every now and then massively helps. But another thing that helps a lot, is setting yourself 'quick wins'. Celebrate every achievement, as small as can be. Praise yourself if you completed your to-do list today or if you got a new opportunity arrive in your inbox. One step at a time, one thing at a time, and you'll soon be celebrating your big wins! 


I hope you find reading this as helpful as I'm finding writing it! I've done my homework and keeping in mind my blogging journey here's my mid-year resolution in these three steps...

1- At the moment I am overwhelmed but focused. I am doing my best in balancing a full-time job, my family and making my time with my daughter really special. However I have lacked consistency and have let other things get in the way of my daily plans.  

2- My main goals have evolved: same goals however a bit more detailed. Visualising what I want to achieve is helping me plan each step! 

3- That's when it gets real. What are my quick wins at the moment? I would really like to not let myself and my plans down because of tiredness, a busy week or mind. My mid-year resolution is to be consistent and stick to my plan, and celebrate each day I get something else done. Maybe a little treat every day I stick to the plan! Even a glass of wine will do (yeah I really cannot remember the last time I treated myself to a glass of wine in the evening just because I deserved it!) 

I hope you're inspired to kick your mid-year off! And I might just get myself that glass of wine tonight... 


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